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Two fans discuss the lesser entries of otherwise good franchises.

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  • Audio-episode: Gaming Hidden Gems 30:27
    So many games, so little time and so little marketing. This episode our heroes tell you about Dust: An Elysian Tail and Home! Two games that went under the radar for ...
  • Audio-episode: The Dark Tone Returns 1:19:08
    We've got the Mutants! We've got the Bat Tank! It's Miller Time! On this episode our heroes are joined by special guest Travis as all three tackle The Dark Knight! A ...
  • Audio-episode: Minsode 3 - After Ten Thousands Years, I'm Free! 12:11
    Jeremy needs a week off; so listen to Pete and Ranger Superfan Rob from previous epsiodes as we talk about the recent reveal of the new Rita Repulsa in next year's ...
  • Audio-episode: Episode 51 - Holy Camp, Batman! 37:10
    Holy flashback Batman! Jeremy and Pete delve into the campy and groovy 60's era of Batman! BAM! POW! Listen in as our heroes review the Dynamic Duo's first ...