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Three guys sit around a table and talk about heavy metal music/horror movies and talk about different topics each episode

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  • Audio-episode: HBP - EP48 - The Worst of The Worst
    Jay and Alex sit around the chopping block and name off the 10 worst rock honorings & 10 worst albums. We also talk about our week.Music by Nile - Permitting The ...
  • Audio-episode: HBP - EP47 - The Devil’s Triangle
    Today we talked a little about Alex’s recording process. Lawrence and Alex also create a new music project. And then we dive into Video Games, VR systems, ...
  • Audio-episode: HBP - EP46 - Meh Meh Meh 1:12:38
    This episode we brought our ladies in and talk vacation and METAL! We talk a little bit about Alex and Lauren’s Vegas Trip, and Universal Studios, and then get into ...
  • Audio-episode: HBP - EP45 - UNLEASHED! (May the 4th Be With You) 1:32:43
    This episode went from skateboarding around town and finding the infamous elote man and interesting facts about our small town to dog attacks and crazy beer fueled ...