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It's time to start providing some enhanced content, you are going to as what the heck that means? Well it is time to broaden the shows horizon a little bit and explore some content that I have always loved, but have not covered in the past. Details are in the show and I hope all of you will help me come up with some regular news sources where you go to find the wacky and weird

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Show Links:
New Google Two Step Authentication.
Bitcoin Patent Machine.
Telia kills the Internet.
DMCA take downs increasing.
Artist want DMCA changes.
Netflix picking a fight.
Alien Series gets a boost.
Solar Impulse on way to Spain.
GotoMyPC Hacked.
Zika Vaccine.
Intel Xeon Phi.
Blue Origin.
Viking 1 1976 Mars Mission.
GOT #1.
GOT #2.
Ticket Bots Illegal in NY.
4th Amendment getting carved up.
Brain industry Shame?
Crazy iPhone Scam.
Spotify Great but holding Growth.
ACER Security Breach.
iPhone 7 Dual Sim Cards?
The Google Doctor is in.
Twitch goes after Bots.
Prime in July.
Netflix Earnings.
Finding Dory Records.
Single Molecule.
China beats Big Blue.
BitTorrent News Network.
New Segway.
Plague Doctor.
Earthquake Sickness.
Giants at Giza.
Missing some Digits.

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