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Big announcement today Roku comes to Windows 10, Laptops and Tablets can now run Roku and all associated channels.. This is huge you no longer need a dedicated Roku device and can use your own device. I have a ton of tech news along with some weird content for your entertainment value.

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Show Links:
Independence Day.
YouTube Live for iOS.
FBI can hack your Computer without Warrant.
Will your self driving car kill you?
Uber Pricing.
Power of Live Streaming.
CG for Car Commercials.
Drone Radar.
Roku for Windows 10.
Cover your Laptop Camera with Tape?
Clinton had Firewalls turned off?
NASA on Apple TV.
Sandisk iPhone Memory Expansion Case.
TP Link Smart Plug.
YouTube buys Script.
Incompetence gets woman killed.
Apple Thunderbolt Display Discontinued.
Kodi lives on Rasberry Pi.
Rob - Brag - Jail.
Google Acquires Fiber.
California Legislature wakes up.
Si2 in Spain.
Neptune Storms.
Bear versus Mountain Bike.
One Eye Blindness.
Get your teeth fixed come out sounding like a Brit.
MIB seen in Iowa.
Six Inch Alien on Mars. (For Real)

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