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Google is getting into the Kids Toys that train them to use logic and code using what is calle Google Bloks. Designed to teach young kids the logic behind coding.. Being a programmer requires incredible logic skills and lot of math.. This is one step by Google to help kids understand logic flow a lot easier.. Totally brilliant in my opinion combine this with Minecraft and all the other tools out their and you can help your kids with their career choices by exposing them to different things like Google Bloks. All the tech news you can handle and more.

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Show Links:
Google Project Bloks.
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Solar City Investment?
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Cozmo will be product of the year.
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California Water discovery.
Uber Pandora Offer.
New Helium Discovery.
Dell 70inch Boardroom Screen.
CCTV Camera Hacked.
iPhone 7 and Mini Jack.
Snowden Pardon?
MPAA boss has lost his mind.
Tourist bust out your social handles.
Mini Falcon 9 Rocket.
Apple Auto Unlock tech.
Ransom-ware Update.
Facebook Slides.
Tour De France Bicycle Scanning.
Diabetes Dogs.
Google Map Update.
VW 14.7 Billion Settlement.
Idiots with Drones.
777 on Fire.
Visit Star Trek.
10k for forced Update.
Elvis Lives.
Comet Perfume.
UFO Swarm.

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