OBG 021: Interview Episode

As an April Fools special we are ignoring our established format and sharing a couple interviews from my trip to Prez Con this spring. We have two interviews, one with designer Andrew Parks and one with Pete Fenlon the CEO of Mayfair Games.

Episode Content
A short blurb about the contest.

Andrew and I talk about

  • His history in the gaming industry
  • How to approach a publisher and get a game seriously considered
  • Eurogamer or Amerigamer?
  • Game events

Andrew Parks Games Mentioned

Scott Sigler Promo

Giles previews a game book!
  • Gamer's Companion to Shakespeare

Wandering Geek Promo

Pete Fenlon and I talk about
  • Mayfair supporting Pulp Gamer
  • Mayfair's maximum discount policy
  • Do we really need a new edition of Settlers?
  • The Phalanx line
  • Catan Dice Game

We will get back to our normal format, and future interviews will appear in episodes like other segments.

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