WarPod #97: Punishment

Legend of Zelda live action series coming to Netflix, Live action/cartoon Sonic the Hedgehog, and Deadpool review. Jonny receives his punishment for using the F-word too many times last episode. That punishment takes the form of having to listen to Zach go on and on about Aquaman. LINKS Video version of this podcast Warlocks Patreon … Continue reading WarPod #97: Punishment

Weekly nerd/gaming podcast featuring the spontaneously harmonious Warlock, Zach Nanamus(@zachnanamus) and the unflappable Warlock, Jonnydem(@jonnydem). These two will dive deep into your mind where they build oral machinations to tickle the delicate parts of your brain. This intimate experience builds a special bond. Now you are a Warlock. BE AWESOME, BE A WARLOCK @warlocksbrew patreon.com/warpod
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