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Words At War presents "The Road To Serfdom"5/15/45.Should there be government planning after the war? An excellent docu-drama explaining a complex economic and political theory. Friedrich Hayek (author), William Meader (music), Jack Wilson (adaptor), Garnet Garrison (director)
Produced in cooperation with the Council on Books in Wartime the episodes of Words at War were based on literature created during the war by a variety of authors. Though we are told that they are the real accounts of wartime tales the show was often speculative but based on real events from the war or potential events in the future. A wonderful blend of history and literature and sometimes a sprinkle of wartime propaganda, Words at War is a glimpse of the beliefs and fears of American authors during the last great war.

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Words of War was an anthology of war stories,told by the men and women who have seen them happen. Exciting stories of World War II, its origins,its affects, and its heroes.Patriotic stories of heroes.
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