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  • : Step 4 FSOTS - Mark H and Dave F.
    Welcome to week 48! It's been a while again, no real excuses other then the fact of not making a great transition back between school and work, but as the job hunt ...
  • : Story - Tom N.
    Welcome to week 41! This last week I didn't manage to get a file posted as my Grandfather passed away, and so this last week I've been trying to remember to ...
  • : Catchup Post
    So I have to apologize for the past couple of weeks not posting on the podcast. I reside in Washington State and we lost power which made it a bit hard to post on ...
  • : Doctor's Opinon - Joe and Charlie
    Welcome to week 29! I have to apologize for this week coming out a little bit later, I usually make sure I have the podcast posted by 11:30pm on Thursday (PST), but as ...