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Hello. I am Louie Moss and I am a spiritual mentor and educator. We have moved our show to Sunday Eve. at 10:00 PM. The name of the new show is Sedona Radio Live. Please join me along with my fabulous talk show co hosts , Angelo Diaz, Sonia Novick, , and , along with our incredible co/creators and guests as we explore higher octaves of knowledge and understanding. We are intentionally reaching out to those who are seeking a better way of being and living in peace and prosperity. We are so excited about helping you become consciously aware of your "state of being" so that you can "BE, DO, AND HAVE" anything you desire! The principles and practices we explore are derived from Louie Moss's book, 68 Seconds To Becoming Wealthy and are for the purpose of self awareness and spiritual enlightenment! If you want to learn exactly how you can create your life exactly as you wish it to be, you must learn the truth about "who you really are"! Together with love and understanding we embark on this journey to move humanity forward and co/create a better future for mankind!

I will be sharing more about and what I was taught and instructed to share during my many out of body experiences.
We will be teaching Universal Laws (i.e., law of attraction, allowing, receiving, karma, etc.) and much more! Our experience, strength, and hope will help you dig your way out of the deep Matrix that you have been living in all your life.

We discuss the 68 second technique. You have the innate ability to attract all that you want and it will come to you effortlessly because of the Universal Law of Attraction.

I have just released the brand new edition of my popular book, 68 Seconds to Becoming Wealthy. The current edition is appropriately titled, 68 Seconds to Becoming Wealthy, 2nd Edition Revised; it contains updated news and information pertaining to the founding of the worlds first Out of Body Experience University! If you open your mind and your heart, your life will be filled with so much abundance you will be literally transformed OVERNIGHT!
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