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Our readers & listeners are usually those who like to think about and question everything. They are often atheists, but not always. Sometimes they are curious folks who are willing to broaden their horizons, and occasionally we get the odd angry fundamentalist.

Most of our readers are not the sort who are looking for confirmation bias, and will verify what we say in our articles with as many different sources as possible. As such, we try to provide many links within our articles from reputable scientific/medical sources where possible, but we also encourage our visitors to keep on reading and questioning.

Science, unlike religion, will change its views based on new evidence. As such we are inclined to do the same. If one day it is proved that there is a God, then that will be one of our answers in reason. But with over 2,500 gods in the world, and not a shred of credible evidence for any of them, we are not going to waste our time talking about them much.

We will, however, cover the various errors, contradictions, and evils in various holy books, and analyse the text to the best of our ability.

One thing that we hate about religion is that it divides people; even within each faith there are further separations by denomination.

It similarly saddens us that the whole “atheist” title goes to further separate people from the rest of humanity. We would much rather people work together from a humanist point of view than segregate themselves by using their religion.

This is why I always feel a bit saddened by seeing atheist-only events going up. Whilst it is great to meet like-minded individuals, true growth comes from being challenged!

That said, we will attend an atheistic event if there is a good cause. For example if it is against bigotry, the pseudo-scientific anti-vaxxers or someone like Aron Ra promoting science over creationism in Texas schools.

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