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Georgia is quickly becoming one of the most politically relevant states in the nation. On the Better Georgia Podcast we will be talking about state politics, but we want to make it as accessible as possible to everyday Georgians. Instead of only talking about “insider” politics, we want to take complex issues and translate them for a diverse audience. We will discuss and dissect all the latest and biggest political stories that are putting Georgia on the map, from groundbreaking legislation to game-changing elections.

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  • Audio-episode: 17 School Takeover 23:29
    “Opportunity School District is just another way that the governor is telling teachers that they are not truly valued.” - Brandon Hanick Learn more about this ...
  • Audio-episode: 16 Muslim Vote in GA 15:49
    “I could be fearful of my minority identity, my Muslim identity, or I could learn to embrace it.” - Shermohammed Learn more about this episode of Better Georgia ...
  • Audio-episode: 15 Clinton Targets GA 36:41
    "I can’t overemphasize the importance of having two consecutive polls, and probably a few more coming out soon, showing the democratic presidential nominee leading the ...
  • Audio-episode: 14 Advice from a Blue State 14:27
    “Demographics aren’t destiny. Changing demographics don’t automatically translate to changing electoral returns.” - Anna Scholl Learn more about this episode of Better ...