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This podcast is a dialog about challenges and opportunities parents face as they raise kids, enjoy marriage, and live a purpose-filled life. These honest conversations give parents fodder so they can talk to each other, be encouraged, and recognize they aren't raising kids alone.

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  • Audio-episode: #14 - When Kids Fight 31:40
    If you have more than one child, you know siblings are going to fight. Sometimes the conflict is short and inconsequential, others times...well, it's not. In this ...
  • Audio-episode: #13 - Heading Back To Work 38:34
    One of the more emotional events for many parents is the process of heading back to work. Joy and Billy have navigated those waters for years and discuss managing ...
  • Audio-episode: #12 - The Parenting "Elevator Pitch" 30:34
    You get on an elevator and run into some friends who are about to have a baby. They ask you for your best advice before you get to the lobby. What do you say? What ...
  • Audio-episode: #11 - Having an awkward date night...on purpose! 30:07
    Even when we know feedback strengthens relationships, in a marriage it’s easy to give input out of anger, at the wrong time, or to avoid the process entirely. In this ...