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  • Audio-episode: DS 523 - Just Like The Simpsons
    On Wednesday Da Sharpshooters will be 9 years old. With over 500 episode in the can, we are proud of the longest reigning episodic all african american wrestling ...
  • Audio-episode: DS 522 - Our Soapbox
    DS 522 - Our Soapbox In this tribute episode to the late great Robin Williams we discuss ADR getting fired!Roman messy mealSmackdown moving to ThursdayImpact and ...
  • Audio-episode: DS 521 - For Only $9.99 Seconds
    At this point everyone knows how much the WWE Network cost(9.99). But what if I told that Da Sharpshooters have done the impossible. They did a show in 9.99 seconds. ...
  • Audio-episode: DS 520 - Breaking News? No Son, We Just Speculate News
    In this episode Eric and Marcus The "Grand" Finale come to the realization about that after all these years of doing the podcast, that they never break news. In fact ...