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  • : dansmath interview
    hey dansmathfans - i was just interviewed for iProng magazine (by bill palmer) about my website www.dansmath.com and my podcast, and there i am alongside swimmer ...
  • : at new media expo!
    some serious podfading this year; i am in production of show #34but left it to go to las vegas. i just got interviewed on twitlive with leo laporte (older picture at ...
  • : i'm a joiner, not a fighter
    ok, i know there have been no podcasts for a while ... i am putting show #34 together and i have also joined some groups: www.flickr.com/dansmath , ...
  • : in school again, 2008 style
    only a true math geek would wear a "FOIL" shirt to a publicgathering / "First, Outside, Inside, Last" takes on a new meaning at my favorite Chinese restaurant / ...