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the dark and lovely project is a multidisc series of deep, soulful, underground house music and electronica compilations. the syncopated rhythms, lush soundscapes, and ambient interludes of dark and lovely invite you to--in the words of diamondancer --"elevate your mind and set your body free." featured artists and remixers include the messenger, bioground, soulphiction, imotion, moodyman, beat pharmacy, theo parrish, osunlade, roy ayers, boobjazz, sunkiss, spiritual blessings, dj rasoul, afefe iku, shur-i-kan, mo' horizons, fred everything, the timewriter, karizma, dj aakmael, jimpster, dubtribe sound system, kevin yost, julius papp, the rurals, kelvin k, arnold jarvis, c&m productions, frankie knuckles, mike dunn, deep ya'll, baaz, and urulu. deep house!

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