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  • Audio-episode: S2 – Post Show 2 12:35
    Bill and Charpie answer post-show questions they have been receiving. They also pick the winner of the Fargo survival kit and announce a few more prizes that will be ...
  • Audio-episode: S2 – Episode 10 1:32:08
    Bill and Charpie get together in Fargo to talk about their feelings and break down the show. Amidst a technical difficulty they have to go back and record a bit of ...
  • Audio-episode: S2 – Hotdish – Episode 10 24:20
    It has come to that time again this season on Fargo when we tie up the loose ends, leave the rest to the imagination, and say so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen ...
  • Audio-episode: S2 – Maggie Phillips and Jeff Russo 2:0:25
    Bill and Charpie have a conversation with Fargo Season 2 music supervisor, Maggie Phillips and chat about the songs behind the stunning season and how she came to ...