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  • Audio-episode: Lesson 72. Yellow Tinker 6:25
    The “Yellow Tinker” is a tune in the G mixolydian mode. In other words the scale used is a C Scale but played in the key of G.The tune is associated with ...
  • Audio-episode: Lesson 71. Swedish Jig (or Arthur Darley's) 10:28
    The “Swedish Jig", sometimes known as Arthur Darley’s, is a most unusual tune.In the first part of the tune a time signature change occurs in bar 7 from ...
  • Audio-episode: Lesson 70. Sonny's Mazurka 6:36
    Polish in origin, mazurkas are not very common in Irish music.Sonny’s Mazurka is arguably the most well known of the mazurkas played in Ireland.As mazurkas are ...
  • Audio-episode: Lesson 69. Old Blackthorn 5:05
    Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000167 EndHTML:0000000698 StartFragment:0000000454 EndFragment:0000000682This tune is one of those lovely 16-bar reels in the key of ...