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  • Audio-episode: Lesson 90. Thousand Farewells 8:38
     Occasionally Tony will pick up a tune that just seems to feel so natural to play, so easy on the fingers, it rolls off the musical tongue so to speak. This is ...
  • Audio-episode: Lesson 89. Shoemaker's Daughter 8:05
    “Shoemaker’s Daughter” is a composition of legendary Cavan fiddler Ed Reavy (1897-1988).The A Part of this tune is played in a G Mixolydian Mode, ...
  • Audio-episode: Lesson 88. Scatter the Mud 9:54
     “Scatter The Mud” is a tune sometimes played in E Minor but this version is in the more common A Minor (Dorian mode). Tony has arranged this ...
  • Audio-episode: Lesson 87. St Patricks' Day 7:02
    The tune is in jig time (6/8) but is a set dance and is played considerably slower than normal jig tempo.However, other than tempo, all the “rules” that ...