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The Ministry of Unknown Science™ (

ALL VIDEOS NOW iPod FRIENDLY!- Pioneers in experimental sketch comedy since the dawn of the 21st century!

• These weekly videos are merely jewels plucked from the Ministry's treasure chest of full-length live shows, which combine surreal sci-fi plots, pungent sketch comedy, live performance and video segments to prove a comedic hypothesis.

• Previous Ministry experiments have provided answers to mankind's eternal questions: Can we get humanity to reveal its collective underpants? Why not invade the sun? Can technology create the one true God everyone can agree on at work? And is there a downside to rendering testicles impervious to attack?

• For the last five years, the troupe's live shows have sold out venues around Los Angeles, based largely on word-of-mouth, and occasionally word-of-nose. Donate your eyeballs to science at!

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