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A podcast containing a wide variety of subject matter. It usually consists of creative writing, creative songwriting (more on the experimental, instrumental side), discussions on great bands, comedic relief and other odd bits and pieces that are mused upon by the ones who live.

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  • Audio-episode: Lessons of Nature 22:54
    Produced in record time by Erik and Joel, this episode contains quite a few songs, including Erik Berg's debut song, which you will hear. A timely discussion about ...
  • Audio-episode: Heroes on the Radio 33:16
    Heroes on the Radio focuses on the quirkiness of an everyday life in which everyone can and is a hero in some odd way. We open up with a quirky song that uses ...
  • Audio-episode: Hmmmmvuh 12:35
    In this episode Joel Penner and Kelsey Heinrichs collaborate on a song, and Kelsey responds once again, detailing his opinion on the song. Joel reads his opinion ...
  • : Introduction
    This podcast will cover a variety of topics, so just tune in and peace out.