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MMA,Wrestling,Video Game and Movie news wrapped up in a nice rage filled and venom spewing package.

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  • Audio-episode: My Take Radio-Episode 224 3:24:14
    Show NotesThis week we were joined by the “Cold Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto who shared some awesome stories about the business. Unfortunately our call ...
  • Audio-episode: My Take Radio-Episode 223 3:51:36
    Show NotesMTR got into some serious over time this week and with good reason including our commentary of WrestleMania XXX, WWE Raw and we remembered the WWE ...
  • Audio-episode: My Take Radio-Episode 222 3:33:48
    Show NotesMTR went all in this week as it was the last episode before WrestleMania. Rich could not escape the call in problems this week sadly but some new ...
  • Audio-episode: My Take Radio-Episode 221 2:59:08
    Show NotesThis week had a slew of technical issues but we powered through and even kept the episode under three hours. UFC Fight Night was a huge topic of discussion ...