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A show about board and card games. The guys of On Board Games discuss games from the viewpoints of new and expert players, reviewers, and people from the industry, to allow listeners insight into the gaming hobby so they can enjoy games more thoroughly.

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  • Audio-episode: OBG CFE 32: Keeping Traq 1:32:39
    Issac and Stephanie go interview crazy in this jam packed episode.First, they talk to Brent Vincent from Adacio games to talk about Latice.Next, they talk to Adam Clark ...
  • Audio-episode: OBG 167: Open World in a Box 2:09:26
    In this episode Erik and Don are joined by Geof Gamble from the Long View podcast to talk about sandbox and open world gaming.Indie Cardboard gives us some new game ...
  • Audio-episode: OBG CFE 31: The Networks 1:27:07
    Isaac and Stephanie talk about some Kickstarter games they've played recently. Our show sponsor is Gil Hova where we talk to him about his new game The Networks and ...
  • Audio-episode: OBG 166: What Do You Weigh? 2:05:24
    In this episode Erik is joined by Suzanne and Chaz from Pair Of Dice Paradise to talk about game weight and what it means.Indie Cardboard gives us some new game ...