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A show about board and card games. The guys of On Board Games discuss games from the viewpoints of new and expert players, reviewers, and people from the industry, to allow listeners insight into the gaming hobby so they can enjoy games more thoroughly.

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  • Audio-episode: OBG 149: Kids HABA Good Time 1:51:22
    In this episode Erik is joined by Isaac and Lea Culliton from HABA Games to talk about kids games and bringing HABA games to the US.http://www.habausa.com/In the ...
  • Audio-episode: OBG CFE: 13 Tiny Epic Galaxies 1:09:13
     Isaac and Donald are joined by Michael Coe, owner of Gamelyn Games, the Tiny Epic Publisher to talk about Tiny Epic Galaxies. Tiny Epic Galaxies Kickstarter ...
  • Audio-episode: OBG 148: The Munchkinification of Everything 1:30:36
    In this episode, Don is joined by Phil and Rhea from Steve Jackson Games to talk about MunchkinIn the review-a-palooza, Don and Erik review:Firefly: Blue SunAmong ...
  • Audio-episode: OBG CFE 12: Taluva 1:12:54
     This episode, we’ll talk to Ralph Anderson VP at Eagle & Gryphon Games, and we’ll reflect on the year that was, since this is our last CFE ...