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  • Audio-episode: Will Fantasy & Anger Sink the Climate? 1:0:00
    Top UK scientist & truth-teller Kevin Anderson: the dangerous fantasy built into the climate narrative. Plus the awful story of the Texas nuclear parking lot with ...
  • Audio-episode: Climate Shift 1:0:00
    THE BREAKING BAD NEWS – CLIMATE TRUMPED! Trump has appointed a climate “skeptic” (denier) Myron Ebell from the very right wing Competitive ...
  • Audio-episode: Escaping Poisoned Food & Disasters 33:52
    Michael Brownlee is the author of “The Local Food Revolution: How Humanity Will Feed Itself in Uncertain Times”. We glean tips and directions from his ten ...
  • Audio-episode: The Monster Climate Rolls On 1:0:00
    American oceanographer John Englander, author of “High Tide on Main Street” explains the great march inland of rising seas. From UK, Dr. Ted ...