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The producers of this podcast strongly recommend that you DO NOT listen to the following broadcast if you are sober and have an IQ over 38.
if you have any objection to racism, facism, sexism, ignorance, intolerance, over-indulgence, stereo-typing, or objectification.
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  • Audio-episode: Episode 38 1:13:51
    Miller's computer almost gives him a stroke, Lerch uses sarcasm as a parenting tool, and Kelly goes on the offensive. It's all here, and you will be less intelligent ...
  • Audio-episode: Episode 37 1:15:22
    Kelly considers selling her body to alleviate her financial woes, Wade hates Pin's loud Harley, and the crew tries to figure out where a tranny would do prison ...
  • Audio-episode: Episode 36 1:19:36
    Pin discovers a Canadian beer conspiracy, and Wade ponders the dangers of making his own potato vodka. RTRadio WEBSITE!!1-877-69RTRADIO ...
  • Audio-episode: Episode 35 1:14:17
    Once again the RTRadio crew proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that they should never make their opinions known to anyone outside of a psyche ward. The origin of ...