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Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters

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  • Audio-episode: Horse Racing 28:11
    Horse racing is the second most popular spectator sport in the UK but it is also a business. Presenter Evan Davis and guests discuss who makes the money: the horse ...
  • Audio-episode: Tax Avoidance 28:07
    Global firms like Amazon, Google and Starbucks have been criticised for using clever accounting tricks to reduce their tax bills in the UK. But how much tax should ...
  • Audio-episode: Now We Are Ten 28:06
    The Bottom Line first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in February 2006. At the time, Tony Blair was Prime Minister, interest rates were 4.5%, petrol was 90 pence a litre ...
  • Audio-episode: Data Privacy 27:48
    When you enter personal details onto any website or smartphone app, what happens to it? Where does it get stored, who owns it and who has access to it? These ...