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A photography podcast featuring conversations with the world's best established and emerging photographers.

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  • Audio-episode: TCF Ep. 329 - Estevan Oriol 1:0:13
    Estevan Oriol is an internationally celebrated professional photographer, director and urban lifestyle entrepreneur. Beginning his career as a hip-hop club bouncer ...
  • Audio-episode: TCF Ep. 328 - Art Wolfe 49:37
    Over the course of his 40-year career, photographer Art Wolfe has worked on every continent and in hundreds of locations. Wolfe’s photographs are recognized ...
  • Audio-episode: TCF Ep. 327 - Noe Montes 48:41
    Noe Montes is a Los-Angeles based photographer who specializes in documentary work for small non-profits. Though he has years of experience in editorial and ...
  • Audio-episode: TCF Ep. 326 - Kathy Shorr 44:21
    Kathy Shorr is a freelance photographer based in New York. Her work has been exhibited widely at such galleries as Howard Greenberg Gallery, NY, and Sariedo ...