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  • Audio-episode: Episode 176 - One. Precious. Thing. 29:13
    One is the worlds first true artificial intelligence. They'd rather you not use that term, however. Also on the list of One's desires is to get out of the three room ...
  • Audio-episode: New Voice of Free Planet X Promo 1:30
    I've had a couple of people ask me for this, so here you go, a new promo for the new, GPR-endhanced Voice of Free Planet X. Feel free to use it, and let me know when ...
  • Audio-episode: Episode 175 - Dirty Spaceman 17:21
    "Brother, when you crash your spaceship on Earth, you're pretty much shit out of luck."The Voice of Free Planet X is written and produced by Jared ...
  • Audio-episode: Episode 174 - Living In V-Town 18:59
    It's not easy moving to a new city. You're surrounded by landmarks and locations you don't recognize, customs you're not sure about, people the likes of which you've ...