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Thoughts on Photography is the podcast with the most timely stories in the photography industry. Each week, Brian McGuckin interviews the experts in the thick of the most interesting issues in photography, taking apart and understanding the issue from the experts.

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  • Audio-episode: ToP #0122: Wedding Planners 1:02:49
    With wedding season kicking off, one of the most important aspects of wedding photography is having relationships with wedding planners.  In this episode I talk ...
  • Audio-episode: ToP #0121: Aerial Photography 49:25
    Why bother using a drone when you can shoot from a helicopter or airplane?  In this episode I talk with Brad Cavanaugh from Air One Aerial Photography.  Our ...
  • Audio-episode: ToP #0120: Meet the Host 28:32
    If you've been a subscriber to Thoughts on Photography over the years you may have realized a recent change in the host's voice.  With the wonderful Paul ...
  • Audio-episode: ToP #0119: Networking with INSTAGRAM 43:01
    Instagram is much more than a place to post pics of your favorite food or selfies.  In this episode I talk with photo enthusiast, Elaine Li, about how she networks ...